Sunday, September 28, 2008

diaper bag dilemma

so I never really invested in a good "diaper bag" for baby #1 and am considering it for baby #2. I love these above (will give links later). I love the zipper on the bottom of the two Nest bags (perfect for diapers and wipes) but I also love the side "blanky" pocket on the dwell bag. Which do you like best?


Heather said...

i like the dwell bag best. simple and lovely.

Julie Elton said...

I like #2 best ( the black and white polka dot. But my advice after having a second is that you are now packing for two. 2 snacks, 2 drinks, 2 toys, possibly two diapers, etc. make sure it can hold everything and little pockets that hold small things like binkies, hand sanitizer, etc. are really handy when you are busy and don't always remember everything on the way out the door.

jen said...

silver. silver silver silver.
would you really stick a blanky in there? to get rubbed all over every floor you ever set the bag on? not me.

jax said...

I see you haven't posted in awhile, but I wanted to say hi -- I have a 5-month old + am trying to precariously balance my love for fashion with my new "mom-life" (which I love!). Found your blog + subscribed in case you feel inspired to post again anytime soon! :)

jax said...

P.S. I bought this diaper bag:
and LOVE it.
They also have some really awesome leather messenger-type diaper bags for men.