Monday, February 4, 2008

Julie here. Yes, finally she graces this fabulous site. So.... I'm really into hats and hair gear right now. Having hair that reaches my boot-a, and having 2 children, I have searched for options to keep it out of the way. I love this because I don't have to do a thing. It's nice when I;m rushing out the door and I'm going to be out and about all day. I got it from a celtic company online. I have a few beret's that I wear in the same manner and I really love them.


mer said...

hooray! Julie posts :). You look so freakin' awesome in that bolero. I forgot to mention in the package that the tie can be tied into a bow but I like it as is too. Loving the hair too. My hair is way to darn thick for something so fabulous. I do love hats however. I'll post about the place that sells the bolero and my dress from my Christmas pics soon. Welcome, welcome!

mer said...

oh and I forgot to mention how chic Liam looks :).