Monday, December 17, 2007

Welcome to Domestically Dressed! My dear friend Julie Elton and I have decided to share our fashion inspiration with each other through this blog and invite you to enjoy, comment and suggest. We are both moms living on opposite ends of the country (Julie in the northwest and myself in the southeast). We both stay or work at home and although we love being with our children we miss the inspiration that comes from being amongst other wonderful inspiring women. Here is our attempt to inspire one another and encourage each other to get out of bed and get dressed in our very best even if our children and husbands are the only ones who see us that day. We hope you enjoy.

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Melody said...

Hi Ladies,
I just found your blog and I think this is so super hip of you to share this way. I'll be keeping an eye out for cool fashions to share. I'm loving the stuff you have been posting so far.